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Books, e-media, literature acquisition - On these pages you will find information and assistance around your research and literature search. 

Bücherregale aus der Vogelperspektive
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Searching for literature

Looking for a particular book, periodical or periodical article or for general literature on your subject? We’ll show you the best way to go about finding it.

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You can make use of several thousand e-periodicals, e-books and databases at any time of day or night.

Alte Bücher
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The USL holds extensive collections, including medieval and modern manuscripts, bequests, autographs, music and other specialist collections as well as substantial old holdings.

Zwei Studierende recherchieren an einem PC.
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Lists of new acquisitions

The lists of new acquisitions are generally released at the start of each month and can be accessed via the web pages below.

Bücher und E-Reader
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Purchase proposal

If you cannot find a book in the search portal bonnus, you can use this form for recommendation for new acquisition of titles published during the last five years.

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