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Searching for literature

Looking for a particular book, periodical or periodical article or for general literature on your subject?

We will show you how best to proceed, what search options our bonnus search portal gives you and how else you can run searches.

The bonnus search portal

Our search portal lets you find books, periodicals and articles in printed and electronic format. Besides the holdings of the University of Bonn’s libraries (Main Library, MNL Branch Library, faculty libraries), bonnus also provides additional bibliographical references such as full texts from databases and other external sources.

Getting your search started could not be easier using the search field on our homepage.

We also have a series of videos (with english subtitles) explaining how you can get the most out of the bonnus search portal. 

Was ist bonnus? aus der Videoreihe zur Nutzung des Suchportals bonnus
Literatursuche: Bücher
© Frank Homann / Universität Bonn

Looking for a particular book?

How can you tell whether a book is in a University library and, if so, what format it is in?

© Barbara Frommann / Universität Bonn

Need a periodical article?

Still cannot find your article on bonnus? Try the following alternative search methods.

© Bernadett Yehdou/ Universität Bonn

Want to access an e-book?

Several thousand e-journals, e-books, and databases are at your disposal all day.

© colourbox.de

Looking for a newspaper?

Looking for a particular newspaper? Find out here how you can tell whether the USL holds a certain newspaper and, if so, how many issues and in what format. 

© Wortwolken

Looking for literature on a particular subject?

How can you get an idea of what literature is relevant to the topic of your work?

© Frank Homann / Universität Bonn

The literature you are looking for is not available at the University of Bonn?

Nothing found in the holdings of the University of Bonn? This is how you can proceed to still get the literature you are looking for.


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