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Several thousand e-journals, e-books, and databases are at your disposal all day. E-media items may be used within the university or also from home. Please note the legal information on the use of electronic media.

Licensed e-journals, e-books and databases are available with only a few exceptions throughout the campus. You can research these media items in the search portal bonnus. There, the licensed products are marked and linked as "Available Online" or "Get PDF".

Within DBIS (database info system, in German) and EZB (electronic journals library) the licensed e-media items are tagged with a yellow light.

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Members of the University of Bonn have the opportunity to access the licensed e-media stock from outside the university. Dialling into the university network is always done via the  personal account (Uni-ID and password) that students receive at the time of registration and members of staff at the University IT.

It is necessary to use a so-called VPN client for dialling in. This free of charge additional software allows a secure connection between any PC with internet access and the data network of the university.
Moreover, more and more databases use Shibboleth to sign on with your Uni-ID.

There is an exception for members outside the university in the case of  national licenses.
Anyone with an interest in science can use these outside the university campus. For this purpose, individuals with permanent residence within the Federal Republic of Germany can make a personal registration for free of charge access.

» Detailed information can be found on the websites of the University IT about:  


The USL is in charge of licensing electronic media, acting as licensee in the name of the University of Bonn and handling the licensing process.

If you wish to propose licensing of certain e-media through the USL, our specialists will be glad to help.

The access to fee-based electronic resources within the university network is made possible on the basis of licence and user contracts between database providers and Bonn University and State Library.

Within the framework of licences the following is strictly prohibited:

  • systematic downloads, for example all journal articles from one issue or an extensive part of a book. In the case of non-observance, it will automatically be blocked.
  • distribution and passing on of downloaded documents
  • distribution of access data

Linkingservice SFX

The linking service based on the SFX link resolver and will show you the shortest way from the reference to the desired document.


Support e-media

We are there for you with any questions you may have about e-media.


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