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You will often find this button after a database search. This is the linking service "Find It @ ULB Bonn" based on the Alma link resolver and it will show you the shortest way from the reference to the desired document.

In most cases this is an electronic full-text. If no electronic full-text is available, a context-sensitive connection to further information sources and services of USL Bonn will be provided:

  • bonnus (location and availability)
  • Inter-library loan (delivery from an other library)
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Frequently asked questions about the Linking Service

Alma is our new library management system from ExLibris and has an integrated link resolver. The link resolver offers context-sensitive links to existing and available sources of information and supply, as well as services of USL Bonn displayed clearly in a menu.

Context-sensitive means, for example, that an electronic full-text is displayed as a menu item as far as the USL has licensed the full-text in electronic form.

If the USL has not licensed the required full-text, the menu item will then not be displayed, but further sources of information on the availability of the desired full-text will be offered.

  1. Everyone, who is within the University of Bonn, can use linking service to a full extent.
  2. Students and staff of the University of Bonn can also use the whole service (including full-texts) externally. You need to dial-in by VPN - client or by Shibboleth (in German).
  3. External users can use SFX to a restricted extent, i.e. use free full-texts from outside the university. Exception: full-texts that are offered through national licenses can be retrieved subsequent to a one-off registration by external users with permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Yes, but in order to use the link resolver to a full extent, also full-texts, you need to log in to the University of Bonn network. Staff members and students of the University of Bonn are authorised to access.

In order to do so, you need to dial-in to the University of Bonn network by VPN- client or by Shibboleth (in German).

Yes. The requirement for this is a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, a VPN – client, username and password of the university computer centre – HRZ.

To all journal contents of the Electronic Journals Library - EZB. If you should encounter inconsistencies, please write us an e-mail.

In individual cases overlaps can occur regarding the subscribed journal packages of different providers. The article is definitely identical.

If you should encounter this, please send us a short e-mail so that we can check it.

Not all of the databases are (already) link resolver compatible. Linking service-enabled databases are marked accordingly. A list of the linking service-enabled databases can be found in our overview (in German).

There is the possibility to embed the link resolver yourself within specific software, for example reference management software (Citavi or EndNote - in German), in order to enable an availability search in the collections of the University of Bonn. For this purpose the Base-URL is used.

The Base-URL is as follows: https://hbz-ulb.userservices.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/openurl?institution=49HBZ_ULB&vid=49HBZ_ULB:DEFAULT&


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