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Opening times
Mon. - Sun.: 8 am to midnight
Borrowing and returning items
Mon. - Sun.: 10 am to midnight

MNL Branch Library

Opening times
Mon. - Sun.: 8 am to midnight
Borrowing and returning items
Mon. - Sun.: 10 am to midnight


Mon. - Fri.: 10 am to 5 pm
HB: information@ulb.uni-bonn.de
HB Tel.: +49 228 73-7525
MNL: benutzungmnl@ulb.uni-bonn.de
MNL Tel.: +49 228 73-3405

New library management system Alma

In August 2023, the switch to the new library management system Alma took place. On our Alma web pages you will find information about changes and usage restrictions around the changeover.

Latest News
Christmas and New Year Opening and Closing Times

Upcoming restrictions to USL services

Increased noise levels in the MNL Branch Library

Extensive construction work until mid-2024

Starting 10/16/2023: Renovation Work in the MNL Branch Library

Closure of the accessible toilet

Application for DFG Open Access Publication Funding program successful

Funding for some 2,500 open-access articles secured from 2024 to 2026

Contacts & bank details

Information on the USL’s organizational structure, including all its divisions, details of who is responsible for what, and an overview of contacts from A to Z.

Current projects

© Volker Lannert / Universität Bonn

New Alma library system

In August 2022, the USL is beginning its switch to a new library management system, which is set to go live in September 2023.

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NS-Raubgut project

The project is designed to produce the first-ever systematic review of the USL’s old holdings focusing specifically on books seized as a result of Nazi persecution and is the largest undertaking of its kind currently underway in Bonn.

Historical newspapers
© ULB Bonn

Digitization of historical newspapers in NRW

The government of North Rhine-Westphalia has been funding a state-wide project to digitize its historical newspapers since 2017.

For researchers from the University of Bonn

Research data management

The Research Data Service Center can assist you with all aspects of research data management, from planning and proposing research projects to publishing and archiving your research data.

Open Access Service Center

The service center provides you with comprehensive support, from details of current funding opportunities through to advice and information on choosing the right license.

bonndoc—the University of Bonn’s publication server

Academic works from the University can be published electronically on bonndoc.

Specialist advice

The team of subject librarians can give you wide-ranging specialist advice on things like literature searches, reference management and requesting the purchase of new items.

Did you know...?

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The BonnerBibliotheken partnership

This lets you run simultaneous searches in the catalogs of public libraries based in Bonn and the surrounding area.

Logo Sammlungen
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Cultural heritage in the USL

If you have any questions about the items we hold, would like to do some research in our collections, are interested in historical and cultural studies in the Rhineland region or want to deposit your publication with us as an obligatory copy, our website is just the right place for you.

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