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Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

We offer various options for printing, photocopying and scanning in the Main Library and the MNL Branch Library.

There are various ways in which you can photocopy, scan or print documents on self-service devices (some of which are free of charge) in both the Main Library and the MNL Branch Library.

You can also order reproductions.

printing, photocopying and scanning in the Main Library
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  1. Send a print order to our printing/photocopying stations (multifunctional devices).
  2. Go to the uni-print web page.
  3. Once you are there, sign in using a six- to eight-digit combination of letters and numbers of your choice (e.g. your Uni-ID or student ID number).
  4. Upload your chosen file.
    You will need to be within the University network (accessed via eduroam or VPN client or on a service PC in the USL).
  5. Then go to our printing/photocopying stations (multifunctional devices).
    The multifunctional devices in the Main Library are in the copy center in the reading room and in the open stacks. Those in the MNL Branch Library can be found on the first floor in front of the Lerncafé.
  6. Click on the uni-print symbol and log in using your chosen combination of letters and numbers.
  7. Select the file you have uploaded, set your print preferences and start printing.
    Uploaded files will remain available at our printing/copying stations (multifunctional devices) under your chosen letter-and-number combination for 48 hours, after which they will be automatically deleted.

Unfortunately, you cannot print files from a USB flash drive. Files have to be uploaded via uni-print before they can be printed off.

Use our printing/photocopying stations (multifunctional devices) for your photocopying.

The multifunctional devices in the Main Library are in the copy center in the reading room and in the open stacks. Those in the MNL Branch Library can be found on the first floor in front of the Lerncafé.

  • Printing and photo copying using a Mensa Card
    • You can get a Mensa Card from all Studierendenwerk canteens and at the info.point in Lennéstraße 3 in exchange for a €5 deposit.
    • Machines for topping up your Mensa Card can be found in all Studierendenwerk canteens and in the administrative building at Lennéstraße 3. If you top up by €10 or more at a machine, you will receive 3 percent of the amount that you paid as extra credit. Unfortunately, this benefit is not available if you top up at a counter.
  • Printing and photocopying using coins
    • The Main Library and MNL Branch Library each have one device that lets you pay with coins.
  • You can find out how much printing and photocopying cost in our overview of prices. A single page of black and white currently costs €0.07 and a color print €0.21.

You can save media to a USB flash drive at self-service scanning stations free of charge.


  • There are scanning stations in the copy center in the Main Library and on the first floor in the MNL Branch Library.
  • You can save scans as PDFs and, if required, as individual images as well on your USB flash drive.
  • The scanner lets you digitize originals up to A2 size in color, grayscale or black and white.

Microfilm/microfiche scanners

  • The copy center and information center in the Main Library each have a microfilm scanner for viewing and scanning microfilms and microfiches.
  • Please book an appointment with the reading room team so that we can show you how to use the device.
Make sure to bring a USB flash drive with you for scanning.

Please ask us for reproductions of materials that users are not permitted to borrow, photocopy or photograph.

To do so, use our digitization service.

You can find details of costs and the available reproduction formats in our overview of prices.


Study spaces, video and working spaces, scanning stations, service PCs and group study pods—the library is a place to study and work that offers you a range of spaces kitted out with various features and equipment.

 You will need a valid library card in order to use them.


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