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Bonn University and State Library offers various digitization services. There is the possibility to reproduce collections of the University of Bonn in digital form on your own behalf. Scientists at the University of Bonn may suggest a subject matter for the digitisation of individual works.

Reproductions on your own behalf

The digitization department undertakes the reproduction of materials that cannot be borrowed, copied or photographed by users and will create the relevant image files on demand against a fee.

Fill in the respective form according to the template that is supposed to be digitised and send us, in addition, the "user request for special collections" zu. Should several incoming orders occur on the same day by a user, an incurred processing fee may be charged only once..

Please give us all information precisely and in full detail on the origin of the reproduction template in avoidance of later queries and to process the order as quickly as possible. You can search for the needed data (e.g. shelf number) in the search portal bonnus or the old Catalogue (before 1945) as well as in Kalliope , if necessary.

Digitization suggestion

Researchers at the University of Bonn can suggest works from the Bonn University and State Library collection for digitization. The complete works are then added to the Digital Collections. This is a free service.

At your suggestion, it is possible to digitize collections of the USL Bonn under following conditions: 

  • The suggested work is as of yet not freely available online.
  • The work is no longer subject to copyright, meaning the creator has been dead for at least 70 years.
  • The state of conservation of the work allows a digitization.
  • The digitization is needed for academic purposes.

Following the receipt of the order, the possibility of digitization will be examined after which the client will be informed of the result.The digitization takes place at the USL Bonn. A guaranteed processing period will not be given as the processing time is dependent on the respective workload. High-quality reproductions, e.g. for images in publications, have to be commissioned separately and for a fee.

Corresponding information can be found in the general and technical information on reproductions.

For any queries you may have, please contact: Digitale_Sammlungen@ulb.uni-bonn.de via email.

Good to know

Fees may apply for the reproduction. You can view the price list in detail about reproductions on your behalf. The fees will be invoiced via the user account if you are a library user with a library cardWithout such a card, the reproduction will be executed against an invoice. For this, a processing fee of 3,50 € will be charged in addition to the reproduction costs. The delivery charge for printouts is included in this fee.
The mentioned prices will be reduced by 50 % for students of the University of Bonn who are verifiably in need of the reproduction for their studies. In some cases, fees will be charged in advance.

The mentioned prices will be reduced by 50 % for students of the University of Bonn who are verifiably in need of the reproduction for their studies. In some cases, fees will be charged in advance.

Fees for the publication of image materials are also charged when using templates from libraries at the University of Bonn. These fees can be waived if the reproduction order is for academic or local historical purposes aiming towards a publication and does not primarily lie in private or commercial interests.

Digital image files (scans) are created of the desired illustrations or pages of text. The pictures are produced with special flatbed scanners. Printouts that are produced with a b/w laser printer can also be supplied.

The template size is limited to a maximum of A1 (approx. 60 x 84 cm).

The digital copies are created in 300dpi and in colour with 24bit. On special request 600 dpi is possible.

The files will usually be created in the JPG file format. On special requested they could also be stored using the tif format (uncompressed, but very large).

The individual image files are exclusively provided to download on a server. The client is notified by e-mail and receives the link to download the files. The files are available to download on the server for 28 days.

File sizes

Based on the template size A4, the following file sizes apply:

  • Resolution 300 dpi, color 24-bit:
    8.7 million pixels
    tif file: 26 MB
    jpg file quality 80: approx. 1.6 MB
  • Resolution 600 dpi, color 24-bit:
    34.8 million pixels
    tif file: 103 MB
    jpg file quality 80: approx. 4.5 MB

Printouts of reproductions on your behalf can also be created for an additional fee. These can be collected in the reading room in the Main Library or in the Curtius reading room.

Shipping by post is possible for an extra charge

For library users without a library card from Bonn University and State Library, the shipping of the printouts is already included in the processing fee for reproductions on your behalf. 

The printouts are created with a b/w laser printer in A4 or A3. Printouts in photo quality are not possible.


  • Contact person for general questions on the digitisation of collections is Birgit Schaper.
  • Contact person for technical issues of the digitisation of collections is Daniela Lilova.
  • Contact person for questions on the digitisation suggestion is Daniel Presslmayr: Daniel.Presslmayr@ulb.uni-bonn.de.
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