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Fees and charges

Information on fees and charges of the USL Bonn, as for example for a library card, an exceeded loan period, inter-library loan, self service printing or copying or on a placed order.

Fee system

The USL charges fees in accordance with the fee system (in German) of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn from 18 February 2016 (Official Announcement of the University of Bonn number 6/2016 - in German).

Fees can be paid in cash at the loan departments Monday to Friday between 08:00 - 19:00 or can be paid by bank transfer to the following bank account:

  • Foreign bank transfer or domestic bank transfer
    IBAN: DE 08 37050198 0000057695
    BIC: COLSDE 33
    Remittee: Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
    Reference: 10C-00001-00-12930000 / and your user number
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Overview of fees

The first library card is free of charge for members of the University of Bonn and also for specific other user groups.

An annual fee of 20,00 € will be charged from all other users.

When issuing a Replacement library card, 10,00 € will be charged in each case.

The following fees apply for each overdue media item:

  • Up to 10 calendar days: 2,00€
  • Up to 20 calendar days: 5,00€
  • Up to 30 calendar days: 10,00€
  • Up to 40 calendar days: 20,00€

The sending of notifications, that reserved items or books ordered via inter-library loan are ready for collection, is subject to postal charge.

National inter-library loan

  • For an inter-library loan within the national lending service, 1,50 € will be charged per order.
  • The supplying library may make the completion of the order dependent on whether you have defined a budget limit at the time of order of voluminous journal articles (over 20 pages). 

International inter-library loan

  • International inter-library loans cost 8, 00 € per volume of a book and 4,00 € for an article.
  • The supplying library may make the completion of the order dependent on whether you have defined a budget limit at the time of order of voluminous journal articles (over 20 pages). 

Attention: The international inter-library loan to Great Britain is considerably more expensive! Please refer to the inter-library loan department or the information desk.

In case of damage or loss of books or other media items, additional costs for repair, value replacement, new acquisition or reproduction of a substitute media item, a processing fee of 25 € will be charged.

The use of images from libraries of the University of Bonn are subject to the following charges per image item:

Publication in printed media items (books, newspapers, journals)

Print run up to 3.000  40,00 €
Print run up to 5.000 50,00 €
Print run up to 10.000 60,00 €
Print run up to 50.000 100,00 €
Print run up to 50.000 150,00 €

For further prints 20 % of the initial fee will be charged.

The royalties will be subject to a 2-fold increase when using images in calendars, posters, postcards and greeting cards and a 4-fold increase when used for advertising purposes

Use in online service

Up to one year 40,00 €
Every additional year 20,00 €

Use in film documentaries

CD / DVD 50,00 €
Film and televsion 50,00 €

Price overview

Saving to an USB memory stick is free of charge.

Drucken und Kopieren Sie in der Hauptbibliothek und in der Abteilungsbibliothek MNL  mit Ihrer Mensa-Card oder mit Münzen.

  • Drucken und Kopieren mit der Mensa-Card
    • Die Mensa-Card bekommen Sie gegen ein Pfand von 5,00 Euro in allen Mensen des Studierendenwerks und am info.point in der Lennéstraße 3.
    • Die Automaten zum Aufladen Ihrer Mensa-Card finden sie in allen Mensen des Studierendenwerks, und in dem Verwaltungsgebäude in der Lennéstraße 3. Ab einer Aufladung von 10,00 Euro am Automaten erhalten Sie 3 Prozent des eingezahlten Betrages gutgeschrieben. Dieser Vorteil gilt leider nicht für die Aufladung an Kassen. Mehr Informationen zur Mensa-Card.
  • Drucken und Kopieren mit Münzen in der Haupt- bzw. Abteilungsbibliothek MNL steht jeweils ein Gerät zur Bezahlung mit Münzen zur Verfügung.

Printing/copying with cash payment in coins

  • b/w A4: 5 ct
  • b/w A3: 10 ct
  • in colour: A4: 20 ct
  • in colour: A3: 40 ct

reader printer – re-enlargements of microfilm

  •  DIN A4 and DIN A3: 0,20 €

The digitisation department conducts the reproduction of material that cannot be borrowed, copied or photographed. The digitisation department reproduces texts and images in digital form.

Fees for the reproduction by ULB Bonn

  Students of the University of Bonn Other orderers with ULB user account Other orderers
Scan from a document in colour, 300 dpi, jpg, download from server 0,20 € 0,40 € 0,40 €
Scan from microfilm, b/w, 300dpi, download from server *) Free of charge using self service Free of charge using self service 0,40 €
Print out (b/w laser printer) in DIN A3/A4, including the previous scan 0,30 € 0,60 € 0,60 €
Image editing (at special request) Based on time and effort Based on time and effort Based on time and effort
Charge for shipping of print outs 1,75 € 3,50 € 3,50 €
Type of invoice of the reproduction costs Via user account Via user account invoice
Processing fee for payment Without charge Without charge 3,50 €

*) 25 scans maximum; larger orders are carried out by service providers

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