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bonndoc Publication Workflow

The following step-by-step guide aimes at members of the University of Bonn, who consider to submit an open access publication.

Before submitting a publication, please take note of your obligation to assign rights .
Please note that this English translation exists only for comprehension purposes. The agreement of the author to the text should refer to the German version.

You should be aware that these instructions do not apply to publishing doctoral and habilitation theses from the University of Bonn. Relevant information and instructions can be found on our "Publishing Doctoral Theses" web page.


Logging into bonndoc

  • First, go to the bonndoc homepage in your web browser.
  • Click on "Login" in the top right-hand corner.
  • Select "Authentication via Uni-ID".
  • Enter your Uni-ID in the login form and click on the Login button "Anmeldung" to confirm. You may then see an overview of various data sent to bonndoc by University IT. Please confirm this request by clicking on "Akzeptieren".
    • Please only enter your user name without "@uni-bonn.de" at the end. For instance, if your University of Bonn e-mail address is "doe@uni-bonn.de", please only enter "doe".
  • You will be taken to a personalized bonndoc page, where you will be able to launch the actual publication workflow by clicking on "start a new submission".


Starting the publication process

  • From the selection menu, pick the collection in which you want your publication to appear. Confirm your selection by clicking on "Next".
    • The structure of the collections mirrors that of the University of Bonn. As a rule, you should select the collection of the department, institute or section where you work. You will only be shown collections from your own faculty based on your Uni-ID. Please contact us if you cannot see the collection in which you would like to publish your work.
  • A form now appears, on which you can use various metadata to describe the document to be published. Confirm your entries with "Next".
    • Please be as detailed as possible. The overview at the end of these instructions provides a brief description of the possible fields. Please feel free to contact bonndoc@ulb.uni-bonn.de if you have any questions.


Uploading your publication and granting usage licenses

  • In the next step, you can upload the document to be published. Click on "File - Durchsuchen" and select the PDF or PDF/A file from your file system. Confirm this step by clicking on "Next".
    • The "File Description field" can be left blank, although you are welcome to use it if your publication is made up of multiple files. In this case, you can give your individual files descriptive names such as "Appendix".
  • Your details will now be displayed once again. Please check them and, if necessary, click on "Correct one of these" to make changes.
  • If you hold the necessary rights, you can now grant usage licenses. You can choose between various CC-BY types and CC0 in order to place a work in the public domain.
    • If you opt for Creative Commons (CC-BY), you will be able to permit or prohibit subsequent commercial use and to decide what modifications any subsequent users will be allowed to make. The USL Bonn recommends using CC-BY where possible. You can obtain this license by answering "Yes" to both questions on the submission form. Details on the individual usage licenses can be found in the publication entitled "Open Content – Ein Praxisleitfaden zu Creative-Commons-Lizenzen" (in German).
      You are welcome to contact bonndoc@ulb.uni-bonn.de if you have any questions about usage licenses or the criteria for granting Creative Commons licenses.
  • In the final step, you will be shown the German legal terms and conditions governing publication. You will need to accept these underneath the text. Confirm your entries by clicking on "I Grant the license" and "Complete submission".


Review by the USL and approval

  • The publication will now be reviewed by the USL and, if necessary, supplemented with more metadata. You will be contacted by e-mail in the event of any queries and notified, again by email, once the USL has approved your publication.

Metadata fields in bonndoc

Below is a list of the metadata fields that you can use to describe your publication. The mandatory metadata fields must be completed.

You can also download a general overview of the metadata fields as a PDF.

Mandatory metadata fields

  • Autoren/Verfasser (UND/ODER Angabe Herausgeber)
    = Author(s)

    Enter one or more authors for your publication. Please enter each first and last name separately in the corresponding fields.
  • Herausgeber (UND/ODER Angabe Autoren/Verfasser)
    = Editor(s)
    Enter one or more editors for your publication. Please enter each first and last name separately in the corresponding fields.
  • Titel der Publikation
    = Publication title

    Please enter the main title of your publication.
  • Datum der Veröffentlichung
    = Publication date

    Please enter the date on which your publication was or is to be published for the first time. You will need to specify the year as a bare minimum.

Recommended metadata fields

  • Untertitel, weitere Titel
    = Subtitle(s), other title(s)

    Please enter one or more subtitles for your publication, if it has any. You should separate multiple subtitles with “ ; ” if possible.
  • Auflage
    = Edition

    Please enter the edition for your publication if there are more than one.
  • Abstract
    Please enter a short description of your publication. Should you have one in several languages, please enter each in separate fields.
  • Verlag, herausgebende Institution
    = Publisher, publishing institution

    In the case of works being published for a second time, please enter the original publisher(s) or publishing institution(s).
  • Verlagsort
    = Place of publication

    In the case of works being published for a second time, please state where the original publisher was based.
  • Reihenbezeichnung und Nummer
    = Series name and number

    In the case of monographs being published in a series, please enter the name of the series and number.
  • Seitenanzahl
    = Number of pages

    Please enter the number of pages in your publication.
  • Sprache
    = Language(s)

    Please enter the main languages used in your publication. You can select multiple languages by holding down the “Ctrl” key and left-clicking.
  • Publikationstyp
    = Publication type

    Please specify what category your publication falls into.
  • Wissenschaftliche Disziplin
    = Academic or scientific discipline

    To ensure that your publication is correctly assigned to a subject matter, please select the most suitable discipline here. The selection is based on the Dewey Decimal Classification. You can select multiple disciplines by holding down the “Ctrl” key and left-clicking.
  • Bestehende Identifikatoren der Erstpublikation
    = Existing identifiers of the primary publication

    In the case of works being published for a second time, please enter any existing identifiers such as the ISBN or DOI of the primary publication.
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