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Searching for periodical articles

Tips and tricks for finding the periodical article you want. Still cannot find your article on bonnus? Try the following alternative search methods.

As a basic principle, you can also find articles via our bonnus search portal. If you have not had any success using the details of the articles, search for the periodical title directly. For “Format” (“Format”), apply the “Zeitschrift” (“Periodical”) filter..

Here is where you will find the periodical

You can find relevant information underneath the title record:

  • Exemplare Uni Bonn (University of Bonn copies): this will give you information on the location and shelf mark of a printed periodical and what years issues are held for.
  • The “Einzelbände” (“Single volumes”) tab lists all the volumes available in the Main Library.

Our periodicals will either be

  • directly accessible in the Open stacks/U II: you can use the shelf mark to find the relevant volume on the shelves and can borrow it for use in the reading room, or
  • orderable to the reading room: you place your order via the link displayed, and the volume will be held for you to consult in the reading room.
A student learning in the reading room
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Information on e-periodicals

Use the electronic periodicals library to search for the year or volume you are looking for. You will usually then be able to download your article as a PDF.

Cannot find your periodical on bonnus?

The periodicals library lets you search by periodical title as well as for newspapers, databases, yearbooks and anything else published periodically. You will receive information on the periodical’s publication history and the libraries in Germany and Austria that hold it.

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