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Relevant literature on your subject

Wondering how best to go about scoping out relevant literature for your work? You can find some tips and useful information here.

Tips and tricks for your searches

  • Do an analysis of your subject to come up with a list of concise search terms, including some in different languages.  
  • Get your topic-specific search started in bonnus, using either the basic search or the “Subject” / "Schlagwort" search criterion.
  • Look at suitable hits in the full-text display. Clicking on a keyword will show you the names of other works also assigned this keyword.
Sammeln Sie prägnante Suchbegriffe zu Ihrem Thema © Wortwolken

For a detailed search do additional research in our subject databases.

Subject librarians

Our subject librarians will also be happy to help you with specific questions about your subject.

Reference management

Find out about reference management software.

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