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Mission statement of Bonn University and State Library (ULB Bonn)

The ULB is the central service institution of Bonn University for literature and information supply. The library supplies scholars and students with the required information on research, teaching and studies. The University’s success and competitiveness are the focus of its activity.

As partner within the national network of information facilities, the ULB keeps special collections of regional and supraregional importance and significance and provides these for education and research purposes.

In close co-operation with university administration, the computer centre and the scientific institutions, the ULB actively contributes towards the further development of the university’s library system with its organisational and library-related capabilities.

In the light of the ever-increasing amount of information, the ULB provides orientation regarding effective research, acquisition, evaluation and processing of scientific information.

The ULB achieves its aims through continuous improvement of the range of information and increased service quality for all library users.
The ULB is guided by the following quality standards:

  • professionalism,
  • rapid, accurate and transparent service provision,
  • helpfulness towards  users,
  • efficient use of the existing budget,
  • flexibility and willingness to innovate,
  • obligation towards cultural heritage.

The ULB closely and critically monitors services rendered and seeks to compare with  similar institutions. The ULB is constantly in a process of change, supported by members of staff with their professional, organisational and social skills.


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