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Studying and Working in the MNL Branch Library

Study spaces, video and working spaces, scanning stations, service PCs and group study pods—the library is a place to study and work that offers you a range of spaces kitted out with various features and equipment.

A man and a woman studying in the MNL Branch Library
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Workspaces and equipment

Looking for a quiet individual workspace in an atmosphere that’s conducive to concentration?

Over 200 of the available spaces can be reserved for University members.

You can use our map and the space number to locate your desk in the reading room.

Most workspaces come with power points and network connections; please see the labeling in the reservation system. 

If you would like to study together with a fellow student or join a videoconference, the third-floor reading room has 16 booths for University of Bonn students where they are allowed to talk quietly and take part in videoconferences using a headset.

They can be booked via the reservation system

No space in your room at home for group work?

The LernRaum+ group study room has five pods, each of which can be booked for group work for up to six people.

These are equipped with power outlets and large screens and the SPrinT software.

There are also 87 spaces in the LernRaum+ and Lerncafé that do not need to be reserved.

SPrinT is a software that can be used on the large screens of the group study pods to work together on documents.

Need to find a shelf mark in bonnus, do some literature research in other catalogs and portals or access our licensed databases, e-books and e-periodicals?

Then use our service-PCs in the entrance area of the MNL Branch Library.

The MNL Branch Library has three scanning stations (in the open stacks, in the LernRaum+ and in front of the Lerncafé) for making digital copies of items that cannot be checked out.

Pages up to size A2 can be scanned for free in color, grayscale or black-and-white and saved onto a USB flash drive.

Don’t forget to bring your own USB flash drive!


Information about the MNL Branch Library

We will gladly answer your questions about the library and searching for literature: Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm. 


+49 228 73-3405



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