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The mission statement of the Bonn University and State Library (USL)

We acquire, structure and describe reliable information, preserve it (over the long term) and make it available to our target groups in an accessible way.

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Organizational structure, contacts and contact details

Information on the USL’s organizational structure, including all its divisions, details of who is responsible for what, and an overview of contacts from A to Z.

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Library framework of the University of Bonn

Find out how the USL Bonn works together with the individual libraries of the departments, institutes and faculties.

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Publications and events

Here you will find the USL’s annual reports, publications about the USL and a selection of events from recent years.

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Vacancies, training and internships

Current vacancies at the USL Bonn as well as information on training and internship opportunities.

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Facts and figures

Overview of figures from the Bonn University and State Library detailing its holdings, usage on site and online, specific services and individual resources.

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