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Director and Divisions

Here you can find details of the USL’s organizational structure complete with information on its various divisions and the staff responsible for each.


Avatar Meyer-Doerpinghaus

Dr. Ulrich Meyer-Doerpinghaus

  • Office: TBA Tel.: +49 228 73-7352


Director: Dr. Alice Rabeler

Deputy: Anne Meinke

1.1 Departmental Libraries: Anne Meinke

Other contacts:

Director: Dr. Annette Specht

Deputy: Dr. Sabine Schmall

2.1 Digital Information Services: Anke Schmitz-Reinhard

2.2 Library IT: Frank Kretschmer

Other contacts:

Director: Dr. Sabine Schmall

Deputy: Dr. Annette Specht

3.1 Periodicals Management: Constanze Beringer (on parental leave)

3.2 Media Processing: Sabine Hammesfahr

3.3 Subject Indexing: Gabriele Buske

3.4 Binding & Labeling: Aloisia Tibulski

Other contacts:

Director: Dr. Christiane Holtz

Deputy: Jens Krauß

4.1 Information Services — Main Library: Christa Buchholz-Oelmeier

4.2 Loan Department, Reading Room — Main Library: Jens Krauß

4.3 Interlibrary Loan Service: Gabriele Dressel

4.4 Use of MNL Branch Library: Diana Hilmer

4.5 Stack & Postal Services: Zakaria Bensordi

Other contacts:

Director: Dr. Michael Herkenhoff

Deputy: Carl Erich Kesper

5.1 Manuscript Reading Room: Birgit Schaper

5.2 Digitization & Old Holdings: Daniel Presslmayr

Director: Veronica Albrink

Deputy: Annette Peters

6.1 Media Processing — Obligatory Copies: Annette Peters

Director: Jan Kenter

Deputy: Dr. Christian Bittner

Head of the Administration Unit: Inga Berg

Public Relations & Marketing Unit: N.N.

Statistics & Controlling Unit: Anne Meinke

Legal Unit: Carl Erich Kesper / Verena Simon

Strategic Spatial Planning Unit: Dr. Alice Rabeler

eCampus e-learning services are a joint project involving the Bonn Center for Higher Education, University IT and the Bonn University and State Library. As a central service point, eCampus provides e-learning information and services to all University staff.

You can find an overview of the whole eCampus team on the eCampus web pages.

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