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about the University’s library system.
Last updated: 31.12.2022

Number of libraries

58 USL + decentralised libraries

Inventory evidence in bonnus

2907,000 USL
1,843,000 decentralised libraries
4,750,000 in total
© Bernadett Yehdou/ Universität Bonn

Bonn University and State library

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2,357,000 books and journal volumes
4,103 current journals in printed form
29,426 licensed electronic journals via online access

On-site use

- registered readers
275,913 loans including renewals
1,004 study spaces in the reading rooms and group work area
125 PC study spaces
112 hours open per week

Special service

1,247 participants in the training sessions
5,504 active courses on eCampus
2,119,000 € expenditures for literature
124,00 members of staff
17,000 square metres of main usable area in two library buildings
© Barbara Frommann / Universität Bonn
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© Frank Homann / Universität Bonn

Decentralised libraries

Together with the subject and faculty libraries, the USL provides literature and information for the University of Bonn. In addition to the media available in the USL, the 56 decentralised libraries store the following collections:

2,770,000 books and periodicals

printed serials


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