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Each faculty determines its own doctoral regulations and the requirements for the doctorate. Below you will find links to the websites of the doctoral offices of all faculties, where you will find a lot of further information.

One hand holding a bible
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Faculty of Protestant Theology

Contact person: Dr. Eike Kohler

A cross in front of cloudy sky
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Faculty of Catholic Theology

Contact person: Dr. Hanno Dockter

A researcher working in a greenhouse
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Faculty of Agriculture

Contact person: Henning Selig

A blackboard with mathematical formulas
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Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Contact persons: Karina Limbach, Claudia Schmidt, Jorg Wenniges

Studies on human proportions by Leonardo da Vinci
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Faculty of Medicine

Contact persons: Dr. med./Dr. med. dent.: Janine Bernabei, Martina Suhre
Doctoral candidates A-N: promotionsbuero.medfak@ukbonn.de
Doctoral candidates O-Z: promotionsbuero@ukbonn.de

Contact person PhD: Sarah Funk

Plato stature
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Faculty of Arts

Contact persons: Anke Piel, Sophie Lentz

Justitia stature
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Faculty of Law and Economics

Contact person: Monika Sommer

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