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Now available: Full Access to JSTOR Content

More than 12 million articles and primary sources in 75 subject areas are now available to students and researchers.

05/16/2024: MNL closed from 10 p.m.

MNL Branch Library temporarily closed due to acoustic measurements

UniPrint service no longer available

Printing is only possible with a USB stick

Access to the F.A.Z. library portal not possible

Technical fault with the F.A.Z. library portal

Precautionary measure: Historical books in safekeeping

The media is currently reporting on measures affecting university libraries due to books that may be contaminated with toxic arsenic compounds. This mainly concerns volumes from the 19th century in which, for example, bindings have been dyed with arsenic-containing dyes. There are also several thousand potentially contaminated books at the University of Bonn, but these have already been separated by the Bonn University and State Library (ULB) in a closed stacks so that users cannot come into contact with them. Library closures as at other locations are therefore not necessary in Bonn.

Open writing counselling in the Main Library

From February 2024: Every 1st Monday of the month in the Lernraum+

Increased noise levels in the MNL Branch Library

Update: Particularly high noise levels on 30/01/ and 31/01/2024 until 10 am.

Update: Open stacks in the Main Library accessible again

Borrowing and picking up orders from the closed stacks is possible again

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