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29. July 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine Solidarity with Ukraine

Relevant literature from the USL’s collections

In this section, we present relevant literature from the collections of the Bonn University and State Library and provide links to selected websites of trustworthy institutions.

Stand With Ukraine
Stand With Ukraine © https://www.bibliotheksverband.de/
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Books and e-books

We have put together a reading list on bonnus that includes books and e-books by Ukrainian writers and about Ukraine and the background to the war going on in the country: https://bonnus.ulb.uni-bonn.de/MyResearch/MyList/43906.

This list is incomplete and is being added to continuously.

Sources of information for Ukrainian and Russian students at the University of Bonn

The University of Bonn has set up a hotline and information on help available to Ukrainian and Russian students: https://www.uni-bonn.de/en/university/ukrainewar/support-offers-and-information

Help available in Bonn

The city of Bonn website (in German) lists various options if you would like to provide support in a personal capacity.

Extensive sources of information

On its website, Munich City Library has compiled an extensive list of information sources so that anyone who is interested can find out about the situation in Ukraine and the impact of the war at any time: https://www.muenchner-stadtbibliothek.de/ukraine (in German).

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