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14. May 2024

Patente Frauen – Women Inventors at the University of Bonn Patente Frauen – Women Inventors at the University of Bonn

New exhibition highlights female inventors

Women Inventors
Women Inventors © colourbox/enaCom
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Innovative women who wrote history: Portraits of pioneers such as Hedy Lamarr (radio remote control as a pioneer of Bluetooth technology), Barbe-Nicole Clicquot (champagne shaking process) or Virginia Apgar (Apgar score) are now shown in the USL.

On the occasion of the annual World Intellectual Property Day on April 26th, the traveling exhibition from the "Women.Innovation.Technology" network, F.I.T, from Baden-Württemberg is stopping off at the University of Bonn. Thanks to the coordination of the university's Transfer Center enaCom, the exhibition has already stopped in Poppelsdorf and the UKB, and can now be seen in the USL.

"The proportion of women in inventions has increased, but remains male-dominated. The exhibition makes some of the great female inventors of the last 200 years visible and honors their innovative strength. I hope that inspiration and charisma will come from these great women and that even more Bonn scientists will be involved in inventions in the future," says Sandra Speer, head of the Transfer Center enaCom.

The exhibition runs from May 13th - 22nd and can be seen in the reading room of the Main Library on the glass wall of the Lernraum+.

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