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27. January 2023

01/30/2023: DigiBib is upgraded to new version 01/30/2023: DigiBib is upgraded to new version

The interlibrary loan portal and metasearch engine DigiBib portal is updated.

DigiBib is upgraded to new version
DigiBib is upgraded to new version © colourbox.de
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On Monday, Jan. 30, 2023DigiBib - our interlibrary loan service and metasearch - will be upgraded to the new version 7.

What are the service restrictions?

Between 8:30 am and 12 pm the following services will not be possible:

  • Order interlibrary loan
  • View interlibrary loan account
  • Viewing the favorites list in the Digibib (not to be confused with your favorites list in bonnus)

What is not affected? 

Searching via the metasearch DigiBib is possible during the entire changeover period.

Please note that our search portal bonnus is not affected by this version change. You can use all functions of our search portal as usual.

The DigiBib at the USL Bonn

The DigiBib - the Digital Library - is a service of the University Library Center (hbz).

At the USL Bonn, the portal is mainly used for interlibrary loan and is offered as a further option (in addition to our search portal bonnus) for a metasearch in various databases.

The current DigiBib version 7 offers a barrier-free modern user interface with simplified search access. 

An automatic redirection will be set up, but please update saved bookmarks promptly.

As soon as all functionalities are available again, you will be informed via our social media channels.

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