Exporting Lists of Favorites from bonnus

Unfortunately, any lists of favorites that you have saved in bonnus will not be transferred when the search portal is relaunched. You have until August 13, 2023 to export them if you need to.

How to export your lists of favorites from bonnus:


Log into your bonnus account.


Click on “ Favorites” in the navigation bar on the right


Under “Your Favorites” on the right, select the list of favorites from which you would like to export items.

You should now see the first 20 hits from the list of favorites.


4. You can use the “Results per page” setting to increase this to up to 100 items on each page.

Results per page
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5. Select all the items you want to export.

  • Either click on individual items or
    Click on “Select All” to select all items on the current page (page 1, page 2, etc.).
Select all
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Click on “Export” and select your desired format. We recommend the following types:

  • RIS: this will allow you to import your list into Citavi.
  • CSV: this will allow you to access your list in Excel in its pre-formatted state.
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Please note

The export process will access third-party servers in order to obtain item data. Exporting more than 20 items may result in lengthy processing times or errors. If this happens, please try again later or reduce the number of items you are trying to export.

Why do I need to export my items?

The switch to the new Alma library management system and the relaunch of the bonnus search portal will also modify the data on which lists of favorites are based, making it technically impossible to migrate old lists to the new system. So that you can continue to view your items after the relaunch, you will be able to export your lists of favorites from the current version of bonnus until August 13, 2023 if you need to and save them for your future use. You will not be able to import them into the new system.

We have increased the number of items that can be exported simultaneously from 20 to 100 so that you can export even long lists of favorites in as few steps as possible.


You are welcome to email ebib@ulb.uni-bonn.de if you have any questions or problems so that we can work together to find a solution.

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