Changes Resulting from the Switch to Alma

The USL switched over to Alma as its new library management system in August 2023. This has brought about certain changes in library services relevant for users, which we would like to summarize for you on this page.


Library services

Borrowing and return receipts

In the new library system, borrowing and return receipts are provided exclusively by email. It is no longer possible to receive a printout of the receipts.

Pick-up notification for closed stacks orders

You also receive an email notification when an order for closed stacks materials you have placed is ready for you to pick up. In the past this notification was only provided for reservations.

Borrowing periods

On a trial basis, all borrowing periods are now standardized in the new library management system. The borrowing period for all borrowable media is now 28 days. Your borrowing period may be shortened if someone else has placed a reservation for the item in question. You receive e-mail notification accordingly in such case. You can also view the respective return deadline at the elapse of the borrowing period in your user account.

Order status

Now you can get a detailed overview of the status of your orders from within your bonnus account.

Email confirmation of receipt of paid fines

You will automatically receive an email confirmation of payment when your transferred payment of library fines under your library account has been recorded in bookkeeping.

Fine limits reduced by 50%

Under the new library system, the fine limit has been reduced by 50% for all user groups.
You should thus keep an eye on your total outstanding fines to avoid your user account being automatically restricted when the following limit has been reached:

  • University of Bonn staff: €100.00
  • University of Bonn students: €50.00
  • Special-status students: €50.00
  • External users: €50.00

bonnus search portal

A detailed overview of all the new features and functionalities is provided on our new bonnus Help pages (currently only in German).

Contact for questions

For any questions you may have regarding library services, please contact

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