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The staff members of the information services in the Main and MNL Branch Library will gladly answer your questions connected with the library in person, by telephone or email.

Corona 64pxTo avoid the spread of the coronavirus, the University and State Library Bonn (USL) remains in safe operations mode. This regards both the Main Library (Adenauerallee 39-41, 53113 Bonn) and the MNL Branch Library (Friedrich-Hitzebruch-Allee 4, formerly Nußallee 15a, 53115 Bonn).

If you have any questions, you can contact our service teams via eMail [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.], as well as by phone Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 0228/73 7525 (Main Library) or 0228/73 3405 (MNL Branch Library).


informationDo you have questions on the use of the library and the library itself? Are you in need of information about our search portal bonnus, our catalogues, bibliographies and databases, literature research or inter-library loans?

You ask and we will gladly answer!

Main Library

Branch Library for the disciplines Humanities and Social Sciences, Law and Economics, Theology and Psychology

MNL Branch Library

Branch Library for the disciplines Medicine, Natural Sciences, Computer Science and Agricultural Sciences

Expert Advice

If you have specific library related questions in regard to your field of study or your scientific field of research and work, you can gladly make use of our expert advice or contact our specialised contact persons directly.

Email notification

You will be informed automatically and free of charge by an "email notification",

  • if reserved media or ordered via inter-library loan media are available and can be picked up,
  • if loan periods of your checked out items expire
  • if there are current changes regarding conditions of use, as for instance, extensions or restrictions of service, altered opening hours or upcoming events and appointments.

Under "My account" in the search portal bonnus all users can register independently up to 2 own email addresses.

Please inform us immediately about any changes concerning your email address.

Important note
Recalls of books and notifications of charges will be sent by postal mail for legal reasons.

Audio guide

You can explore the Main Library yourself with the audio guide (in German) when and however you want.
You can download the audio files by clicking on the download link alongside the stations that are listed on the following pages. You can also scan the QR code with your Smartphone. These are also readily available on-site at the marked stations. If you do not wish to use an own audio player, please contact the information desk.

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