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Lending and use on library premises

Information on the use of books, journals and newspapers as well as further information on loan periods, extensions of loans, reservations, return of media items or their loss. In addition, we will answer frequently asked questions on loans and use on the library premises.


lending deskThe path to printed media leads to the search portal bonnus, where you will find the call number and location of the required book or journal. This information will be given under "Holdings Uni Bonn". Depending on the location of the media item, it is directly accessible for you or can be ordered via bonnus. However, not every media item can be borrowed for home use. Some items can only be used on the library premises.
Electronic media can also be found in bonnus. They cannot be checked out, but can be accessed within the university network at all times.


  • Textbook collection or open stacks: make a note of the call number, take the book out of the shelf yourself and take it to the issue desk.
  • Reading room or Curtius Reading Room: The book can be consulted on the premises, but cannot be checked out for home use.
  • Closed stacks: The book has to be requested via bonnus. You will be given a date when you can pick the book up.
  • Departmental libraries: bonnus does not only display the collections of ULB alone, but also the departmental libraries' collections. A link to the opening hours and the address of the respective institute can be found under "Holdings Uni Bonn". As a general rule, the institute's books cannot be checked out, but can be consulted on the library premises. 


Journals cannot be checked out for home use and can only be consulted in the library.

Main Library

  • Journals from the current year are available in the reading room.
  • Older volumes are shelved in the open or closed stacks and can be requested to the reading room. Location and ordering function can be found in bonnus.

MNL Branch Library

  • All volumes starting from 1980 are shelved in the reading room or in the open stack and can be consulted there.
  • All volumes before 1980 are situated in the closed stacks and must be requested to the reading room by order form (available at the information desk).


Newspapers cannot be checked out for home use, but can only be consulted in the library.

  • Current daily and weekly newspapers can be found in the reading room.
  • Older issues in printed form are situated in the stack room and are consulted there. In order to protect the bindings and paper, it is not permitted to place the newspapers volumes on normal photocopy machines or overhead scanners. Please place a reproduction order for images.
  • Microfilms of newspapers can be requested to the reading room via bonnus and can be consulted in the reading room by using suitable reading machines.  If you need instructions on how to use the machines, please arrange an appointment with the reading room staff.

Free and licensed online newspapers and newspaper databases are accessible via the search portal bonnus. Furthermore, the database “Nexis” allows searches on a daily basis in hundreds of newspapers and magazines.

More Information about lending conditions

loan period, renewal of the loan period

  • The usual loan period for books is 28 opening days with the possibility of extending the time period twice as long as the book has not been reserved by another user. In special cases, such as numerous existing reservations on one book, a reduction of the loan periods and a limitation on renewal is possible.
  • The usual loan period for books from the textbook collection is also 28 opening days, but without a renewal possibility.
  • The usual loan period for journals in the reading room is 14 opening days. An extension of the loan period is not possible. 

You can refer to the issue slip that you receive after every loan booking, to inform yourself about the current end of the loan period and a possible renewal limitation. Furthermore, you can obtain an overview of your loans and time limits under “my account” in bonnus at any time.  There, you can also carry out renewals. If you have any problems with renewals, the loan department will gladly help you.


Media items, which are out on loan, can be reserved with the exception of books from the textbook collection. The loan periods of reserved books cannot be extended.

Attention: please pick your reserved books up on Monday, if you have been informed on a Saturday via email.

Return, book loss

The books must be returned during the opening hours of the library's loan departments where you have borrowed the book.

You are obliged to pay for books that you have damaged or lost.

If a loss of or damage to the books has occurred, please notify the loan department immediately so that the replacement can be clarified. In this way, you avoid the initiation of a dunning procedure and a possible withdrawal of your borrowing privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many media items am I allowed to check out at the same time?

User group maximum number of book loans
Students of Bonn University, Readers of Bonn’s Institutions, Bonn University employees 200 loans (50 monographs), 100 requests
NRW University members 100 loans (50 monographs), 100 requests
Students with special status 100 loans (50 monographs), 50 requests
Bonn's Visiting scientists 100 loans (50 monographs), 50 requests
Other users, for example loans to the reading rooms 200 loans (50 monographs), 100 requests


Books from the textbook collection can only be checked out by students of Bonn University. The maximum number of loans, borrowed at the same time, is limited to 20 textbooks per borrower.


How do I request a book from the closed stack?

Books from the closed stacks have to be requested via the order option in bonnus. These are initiated when you select "Holdings Uni Bonn". In exceptional cases, orders must be placed by order form, for example newspapers in bound form.
You can pick up an order form at information desk and the loan department. Fill in the order form completely and legible and do not forget to write down your user number. You can put the filled in order form into the order form box near the loan departments.


How long will it take until an ordered book is ready for collection? How much time do I have for the collection?

After an order, bonnus will show you the pick-up date. In general:

  • if an order is placed Mondays to Fridays before 01:00 pm., the book will be available for collection or viewing at the issue desk of the loan department or in the reading rooms for 9 opening days.
  • orders after 01:00 pm. as well as on Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays are available on the following working day from 10:00 o'clock.
  • media orders from the external stacks (for example dissertations and all titles marked "storage stacks") have a provisioning time of several days.


How can I extend the loan period?

Log in to "my account" in bonnus with your ULB user number and the password that you have set yourself. You are then able to carry out the loan extension of a particular work that you have borrowed or you can extend your whole account. You can renew the loan period of checked out items online from the 8.opening day before the end of the loan period as well as until the 6. opening day after. And, of course, your account will be debited with overdue fees.


How can I place a hold on a book that is out on loan?

If you have found a book that is out on loan, you can view the due date for return and a link to place a hold on that book. The hold requires the entry of your ULB user number and your password.


I have found a book that is out on loan for longer than 28 days. How can that be?

Bonn University’s employees can borrow books for a longer period of time, but only until someone places a hold on the book. If you need such a book, please place a hold on it. The employee will then be asked to return the book.


Features for orders and holds are missing

For displaying the order function, the hold as well as for information about the expected date due for return of borrowed items, it is necessary to select the branch library where the media item is situated. The default setting is the branch library “Main Library”. If you would like to, for example, order a book from the departmental library, please select “MNL” in the top right corner beforehand.


Our brochure "quick & easy" provides a fast initial overview of the facilities and services of the ULB. You can pick up such a brochure at the loan department or the information desk of the Main Library or MNL Branch Library.
Alternatively, you can also download the brochure as a PDF file.


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