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Training and workshops

Bonn University and State Library offers training courses and workshops on academic publishing. Find out more about subjects and dates.

We offer training courses and workshops around the theme of scientific publishing. We plan these courses and workshops by arrangement in accordance with your level of knowledge and your interests. You can individually arrange the date and place of events with us.

Our offer is not only geared towards students, doctoral students, but also towards the scientifically interested employees and work groups of the university.

Training coursesPossible issues to be addressed may be, inter alia:

  • An overview of academic publishing
  • Repositories and publishers
  • Legal basis
  • Open Access
  • Citability, sustainability and digital long-term archiving
  • Research data and research data management
  • Digital Humanities (Humanities and Cultural Sciences)
  • Bibliometrics and related factors (Natural Sciences)
  • Discussion and exchange: future of the scientific publication system

Is "your" theme not included? Then get in touch with us and share your wishes and expectations! Our contact persons closely follow the developments in the field of scientific publishing and are grateful for information, suggestions and news.

Please contact us if you have a specific question or if you are interested in a training course or workshop. We gladly arrange dates for training courses and workshops and we look forward to your messages
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Your contact persons: Jan Kenter | Dr. Daniel Rudolf

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