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In the password-protected "My Account" area you can see your outstanding borrowingsorders and fees, renewals you can do on your own and check and update your personal data.

You can also manage your permanently saved favorites (formerly 'watch lists') in this area, among other functionalities. 

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The video tutorial has only english voice over. A fully english tutorial (text + voice over) will be available at a later date.

Login to your account

It’s all new in bonnus?! — How do I log in?


To log in to your account, in bonnus click on "Sign in" at the top right on the website of the bonnus search portal.

The video tutorial has only english voice over. A fully english tutorial (text + voice over) will be available at a later date.


Type in your library card number, including the leading zeros.

  • Your library number is found on the back of your library card.
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When logging into bonnus for the first time, you have to choose a new password

  • The system cannot accept previous passwords for technical reasons.

  • Now either enter anything as password or click "Forgot my password" under "Need help signing in?". 


A new window opens. There you can either enter your library card number or your email address on file with the system.

  • For staff and students this will generally be your University of Bonn email address. 
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You then receive an email sent to the email address on file. 

  • Follow the link sent to you in the email.


Choose a new, secure password (minimum 8 characters).

You have now successfully set a new password and can log in to the bonnus search portal again.

Please note that you will also need this data (user number and password) for inter-library loans and our booking system.

Watch our tutorial: "What all is new in bonnus?! How do I log in?"

Overview of borrowings, orders and reservations

Upon logging into your personal account you first see a overview page for your account showing a summary of your borrowings, orders and fees.

Warning icons indicate urgent notifications, such as when borrowed materials soon have to be returned.

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On the Loans tab you can track all the media you have borrowed. The due date for return is shown for each borrowed item. Your borrowing period may be shortened if someone else has placed a reservation for the item in question. You receive email notification accordingly in such case. 
Clicking on the arrow right shows you comprehensive information on your borrowed item/s.

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You can renew borrowed media coming due from this menu, if renewal is possible. You can also batch-renew all outstanding materials at once from here (renewable items only).

Requests and reservations

On the Requests + Reservations tab you can see all of your media orders, including closed stack materials, materials ordered per inter-library loan and reserved media. An arrow located to the right of each item shows the current processing status, among other things.

There you can cancel any order or reservation for materials no longer needed.

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Further options under "My Account"

After logging in to your account, on the Personal Details tab you can find important information on library card validity and your user group.

You can update your postal and email addresses there as well. Please note that you are obligated to ensure that the data entered here is correct and complete. This data is required in order to send you important notifications, such as when a borrowing period for materials will soon be ending.

Here you can furthermore switch the bonnus search portal language to English.

On this tab you get an overview of your accumulated fees due. You can conveniently pay these by funds transfer. Please use the following bank details.

On this tab you can see if your user account has been locked, such as if your library card has expired.


Send any questions and comments you may have about the bonnus search portal by email to ebib@ulb.uni-bonn.de.

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