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Support for digital teaching in the semester

Are you preparing digital courses? We are happy to help!

The corona crisis is posing particular challenges for teachers in the current semester. Read on to find information, tips and services for covering your course contents via digital channels.

Our subject librarians are happy to provide expert support.

If you need technical support for your course, please contact the eCampus team.

Fachliche SucheAcquisition of e-books

Until further notice, we are prioritizing the acquisition of e-books to support you as best we can in compiling e-media for your course and textbook literature for your students. Please find information on compiling required literature and licensing e-media below.


Are there alternatives to acquiring new e-books?

Due to currently high demand, processing book order suggestions may currently be subject to delays. To secure the best-possible literature supply for all University members in the coming semester, we would like to kindly ask you to proceed as follows:

First, check if the desired text is already licensed for the University of Bonn. If possible, please also take older versions into account. All licensed texts are listed in the search portal bonnus. In this list, you may also find other texts you could use.

Check if the desired text is available online free of charge. To do so, we recommend using the Unpaywall service, which is available as a free add-on for Firefox and Chrome browsers. During your research on scientific journal websites, provider platforms or in databases, Unpaywall notifies you of open access versions of the desired text (e.g. secondary publication) via a small lock symbol at the side.

If you need support or want to submit a book order suggestion, please reach out to your dedicated contact.

How can I make an e-book order suggestion?

The ULB is in charge of central licensing of databases and e-books. You may reach out to the dedicated contact directly with your suggestion. Our team will take charge of all further steps, from reviewing the licensing conditions to concluding the contract.

If you wish to submit e-book order suggestions to your dedicated contact, please include an Excel table stating author, title, place of publication, year of publication and, if applicable, publisher and ISBN. The easiest way to create such a list is via a reference management system such as Citavi. Please feel free to contact us in advance.

What is a campus license?

With campus licenses, the licensee (ULB/University of Bonn) can provide all University members with access to the licensed content. Simultaneous access can be unlimited or limited, depending on the respective licensing agreement. In most cases, campus licenses allow University members to also access content from home (remote access via VPN, Shibboleth). Please reach out to your dedicated contact for more detailed information on campus licenses that suit your needs. Please note that providers/publishers do not always offer campus licenses. However, for ordering an e-book via the ULB campus licenses are a precondition.

Why was my book order suggestion rejected?

Unfortunately, we cannot follow up on all book order suggestions. Ideally, the publisher offers the acquisition of individual texts (pick & choose). In some cases, e-book orders may be complicated or not possible for one of the following reasons:

  • The text is not offered in e-book format
  • The publisher only offers licensing for private users and does not offer a campus license
  • Individual texts can only be ordered once an initial minimum order quantity (e.g. 20 texts) or value has been reached
  • Each order requires a minimum order value (e.g. €2,000)
  • The e-book can only be ordered as part of an extensive specialist text package

Is the use of licensed media restricted in any way?

If the licensing agreement includes restrictions, these are usually defined with regard to

  • The number of users that can access the e-book at the same time
  • The right to reproduce the e-book via printing, copying or download (DRM* restrictions)

Ideally, access to an e-book is not limited to a maximum number of users and is not subject to DRM restrictions. Some providers limit e-book access to a single user or three simultaneous users (e.g. Proquest Ebook Central, EBSCO eBook Collection) and restrict reproduction (DRM).

For information on the exact modalities of a desired license, please reach out to your dedicated contact.

*DRM = digital rights management

Scanning service for printed texts

Do you need titles for your course that are only available in printed form and only in the Main Library or MNL Branch Library? In this case, the ULB will be happy to support you with the digitization service for digital teaching.
For scans from holdings that are available in both an institute library and the ULB, please contact the institute library concerned exclusively. Please note that for legal reasons we can only provide you with excerpts.

How can I suggest a text for scanning?

If you wish to place a scanning order, please follow these steps:

Before placing your order, please check the search portal bonnus for your desired text. This way, you can make sure that your desired text is available in print and has not yet been digitized. Please take note of the shelf mark assigned to the text.

You can then place your order with [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.], stating title and shelf mark. We are doing our best to process all orders as quickly as possible. We thank you for understanding that increased demand may currently result in delays. Your dedicated contact is happy to support you in researching specialist literature.

Digital HumanitiesPublishing your own scientific texts

You want to make your own work accessible to other teachers and researchers for free? Then you can do so on our bonndoc publication server. Please find further information at

Our team is happy to assist you! Please contact us at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

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