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Book orders via online form

Members of the University of Bonn may order up to 5 books from the ULB Bonn to borrow.

The ULB Bonn now offers members of the University Bonn the opportunity to place book orders from the open stacks, textbook collection and collection “Beyond Slavery” using an online form.

Up to 5 books per week can currently be ordered per person. To enable quick processing of incoming orders, please use the appropiate online form, depending on the book’s location you’d like to order:

A prerequisite for a successful book order is that you are a member of the University of Bonn and that your library card is valid.

You don't have a library card yet? Apply for it in advance by using the online form "Application for admission to use the library".
Your library card is out of date? Use our form "Application for renewal of library card" to extend your library card.

Now proceed as follows:

  1. Search in the search portal bonnus for copies "available for loan" in the "Main Library" or "MNL Branch Library".
  2. In parallel, open the respective form depending on the location of your requested books (Main Library or MNL Branch Library) in a separate window or tab.
  3. Transfer the information required to order a book.

The books will be ready for collection after 2 working days at the appropriate location.

You have 8 days to collect the books. Please note the restricted opening times Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, please send us an email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.].

Do you need access to articles from printed journals that are in the holdings of the ULB Bonn?

Members of the University of Bonn can use our digitization service to order articles from printed journals from the ULB Bonn holdings.

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