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The USL Bonn in safe operations mode

Below you will find information on the USL during the Corona Pandemic.

In order to contain the spread of the Corona virus, the ULB Bonn remains in safe operations mode. This regards both the Main Library and MNL Branch Library.

The following services are available during the opening times:

Work stations for students of University of Bonn

Students of the University of Bonn with a valid library card and proof of a negative coronavirus test have access to a limited number of workstations in the reading rooms of the Main Library and the MNL Branch Library. The test must have been taken on the same day and must not be older than 24 hours. The same-day negative test result must be shown when entering the USL. The University of Bonn only accepts negative tests taken at public coronavirus test centers. Please note that it does not accept negative results deriving from self-testing coronavirus kits. The workstations can be booked up to 7 days in advance for a maximum of 8 hours per day via the booking system. Use of the workstations is not possible without prior booking.

Borrowing of media items

The open stacks as well as the text book collections are open to all users with a valid library card and proof of a negative coronavirus test, without prior booking from Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, and Saturday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. A medical mask is required to access the open stacks

Borrowing of media items from the closed stacks requires prior ordering by all users. Please refer to the usual way of ordering media items via the search portal bonnus. Media will be ready for collection two working days after the order was made.

All users can pick up ordered and reserved media and return books without prior notification and without proof of a negative coronavirus test.

Please note: Borrowing periods for books on loan apply again as of Thursday, 03/25/2021. You can check the borrowing periods in your library account on bonnus at all times.

For returns due between 12/16/2020 and 04/08/2021, no overdue fines apply. However, out of consideration for other users of the library, we ask you to please return borrowed books by the indicated due date. You can return items both at the designated desk (where you will be provided with a receipt) or contactless (no receipt is provided).

Use of non-borrowable media on site

All users of the USL with a valid library card have access to places for scanning or viewing media that cannot be borrowed for home use. After using the bonnus search portal to order books or journals from the closed stacks, you must then also book a work space. A direct link to the booking system is provided after you make your order. Please note that 2 days after the order is placed, the media will be ready for you. This is the earliest date you can reserve a work space. These spaces are reserved exclusively for persons who want to use the USL holdings. Spaces cannot be booked without an order. Only media assigned to the Curtius Reading Room may be used there. 1-2 hours can be booked per day, no more than one week in advance.

Use of eMedia on site

Each location has one work space with a service PC for using electronic media. They must be booked with a valid library card using the booking system provided for this purpose. You can use a USB stick to store electronic media if this is permitted by the licensing terms. A printer is not available at the work space.

Digitization service for periodical articles

If you require printed periodical articles from our current holdings, employees of the University of Bonn are welcome to use our digitization services. Search for the required periodical on search portal bonnus and complete the provided form for the digitization service.

iPad lending

To facilitate participating in the digital semester and online examinations iPads may be borrowed from the USL. Devices are picked up from the MNL Branch Library. Devices may be borrowed for up to 6 months.

Standard apps are preinstalled on the devices. The installation of additional apps is possible, but requires the creation of an Apple ID.

What is possible at any time from home?


Corona 64pxTo avoid the spread of the Corona virus, the Bonn University and State Library will remain in safe operations mode. This regards both the Main Library (Adenauerallee 39-41, 53113 Bonn) and MNL Branch Library (Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 4, formerly: Nußallee 15a, 53115 Bonn).


Do you have any further questions or concerns? Please feel free to write us an eMail.

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As of April 06, 2021
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