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The ULB Bonn in "safe operations"

Below you will find information on the services provided by the ULB during the Corona Pandemic.

Using the library

The Main Library and MNL Branch Library are open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What is possible in the library?


  • All users can borrow books from the open stacks upon pre-registration via the search portal bonnus
  • Books can be borrowed from the closed stacks upon advanced order via the search portal bonnus. No reservation is necessary to pick up the order
  • Book returns are possible for all users without prior registration
  • Reservations on borrowed books are possible for all users
  • Interlibrary loan orders for books and articles are available for all users
  • Renewal of library cards is possible for all users via online form
  • Registration is possible for members of the University of Bonn via online form
  • Items that cannot be borrowed, articles from printed journals, microfilms and e-media are available on site and can be digitised/stored as required. Appropriate workstations for the use of non-borrowable media are available upon pre-registration

What is not possible in the library?

  • Registration is currently not possible for persons who do not belong to the University of Bonn
    To ensure an approtiate number of visitors in line with the current circumstances, the use of the ULB is currently restricted to members of the University of Bonn and external users who are already registered.
  • Working and learning in the library
    Longer stays in the library are not compatible with current concepts of health protection. In addition, the reading room of the Main Library is currently used for eExams of the University of Bonn.
  • Use of the Copy Center
    As part of the reading room of the Main Library, the copy centre will remain closed until further notice.
  • Use of the research PCs
    Longer stays in the library are not compatible with current concepts of health protection. Please research the required signatures before you visit the ULB.

Corona 64pxPlease note the following health protection measures, when visiting the ULB

  • Wearing a face-mask is obligatory on the premises of the ULB
  • Please keep your distance to others
  • Please keep your visit to the ULB as short as possible
  • For tracing in case of a corona outbreak, please provide your user number when leaving the ULB


What is possible at any time from home?

All information at a glance:

As of September 1, 2020
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