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Date: Jan 29, 2019

New regulations for library seating areas Due to the high demand for self-study workplaces the university library will check library cards from now on in regular intervals.

Our aim is to ensure that students of Bonn University will find a seat in our study zones.

This is the new rule for our visitors of the Main Library:

  • if you take a seat in the reading room, the information centre, the group study areas or the library café, please keep your library card with your reader ID on open display. These will be checked regularly.
  • if you leave your seat for a break, please make sure to take your library card with you.

Please remember:

  • we do not allow to reserve seats in the reading room or the information centre.
  • please leave a note if you take a break, otherwise your seat will be allocated to other readers (acceptable breaks: up to 30 minutes, during lunchtime (12:00-14:00h) up to 1 hour).
  • the 3 group study carrels are reserved for students of Bonn University (online reservation).

We do not provide seating for pupils of local schools.

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