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Date: Aug 18, 2017

A gift of special value A bust of Karl Lelbach, library director of ULB Bonn from 1946 to 1951

Today, we are happy to receive a very special gift: the bust of Karl Lelbach.

Karl Lelbach is not only of great importance as our former library director (1946-1951).
During World War II, he made sure that a big part of our library collection was packed up and moved out of Bonn.
The moving saved a large part of our library stock, since the library was destroyed completely due to a bomb strike on 18 October 1944.

After the war, Karl Lelbach organized the library’s reconstruction.

» further literature in German about the history of the ULB Bonn during war and post-war period, inter alia, from our colleague Dr Herkenhoff:

A look at the bust can be taken at the Curtius reading room in our Main Library.

We kindly thank Karl Lelbach’s daughter-in-law, Mrs Ina Lelbach, for this very special donation.

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