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Date: Jul 20, 2017

Book treasure trove Everyday surprises in the library.

Leihfristzettel-1914.jpgULB Bonn has an extensive collection of historic prints, some of which are only documented in the old catalogue (Alter Katalog).Schaumpon.jpg
These prints are now being systematically documented in the bonnus search engine, and this indexing work requires every single book to be looked at by hand. During the work, those compiling the index are constantly coming across interesting relics from ancient history in the books.

Biergutschein.jpgSome of these relics, such as letters or documents, are interesting for research and are made accessible for this. However, there are also some very mundane, yet no less interesting, things in books.

Whether it be an advertisement for Schaumpon shampoo (available with a violet or chamomile fragrance),
 a beer voucher (“Only valid on Monday”), or even an old date label from 1914.


Leaves or other plant parts also used to be dried in scientific books, and one or two beetles found their last resting place between the pages of one of the tomes. Only the rare book scorpion, an insect that feeds on pests, which is also said to like living in libraries, has - thankfully - not yet been found.

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