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Students, faculty and other employees of Bonn University, residents of the City of Bonn and the greater Bonn metropolitan area, and members of other universities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia may use the Bonn University Library.


How and where?

You can register at the Loan Department (Leihstelle) at the Main Library or at the MNL Branch Library. Individuals wishing to register must present their identification card, or their passport along with proof of their current address (“Meldebescheinigung” from the residents registration office at City Hall). Students must additionally submit their student ID and university employees must submit proof of their employment with the university, unless they are listed on Bonn University‘s website. A library card will be issued to you upon registration. All other persons wishing to use Bonn University Library are required to pay an annual fee.

» more information in German


Notification of changes

Please inform the Loan Department immediately in the event that you lose your library card, have a change of address, your name has been removed from the university register or you are no longer employed by the university.


Terms of use

What are terms of use?
Bonn University Library‘s terms of use regulate the legal relationship between you and Bonn University Library which was established when you were granted permission to use Bonn University Library. They are the contractual basis for reciprocal rights and obligations.


Where can I find them?

You can consult the terms of use at the Lending Desk at the Main Library or the MNL Branch Library or read them on our website.

» Terms of use - "Benutzungsregelung" (in German)


Please note

  • While in the library please be quiet and show consideration for other users.
  • Mobile telephones may not be used in the library and must be turned off.
  • You may take water in transparent, re-closable plastic bottles into the public areas on the ground floor. No other beverages or food are permitted.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the library.
  • Coats and bags may not be taken into the Reading Room, stacks or textbook collection. Coin-operated lockers are available for your use.