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Publication of Doctoral Theses

The Dissertation Department is the contact point for all doctoral candidates at Bonn University who are obligated to submit copies of their doctoral thesis to Bonn University Library.

The dissertation regulations of each academic department govern the delivery of the doctoral theses (formal stipulations, number of copies to be submitted). Please ask for the valid, most recent version in your department.
Most of the dissertation regulations of the departments of Bonn University can be found on the departments’ web sites or at the Official Bulletin (in German) of the University.


Printed doctoral theses

The deposit copies have to be submitted to the Dissertation Department at MNL Branch Library, Nußallee 15a.
Please make an appointment beforehand!

According to the dissertation regulation you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt that will be sent to the dean’s office of the respective department directly from the Dissertation Department.


eDissertations – electronic doctoral theses

At all departments of our university you can also submit your doctoral theses electronically.

Publication via the Internet offers numerous advantages:

  • Your doctoral thesis is available worldwide and easy to use,

  • it will be treated like a printed book and thus listed in all catalogues,
  • and additionally it can be easily found via your name, keywords from the title or subject headings by means of search engines.
  • The additional filing on the document server of the German National Library guarantees permanent storage.
  • Only few deposit copies have to be submitted in print.
  • No additional costs are incurred.