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Use of Old and Special Collections

Manuscripts, autographs, bequests, incunabla, rare books, old prints up to publication year 1800 and all interlibrary loans up to publication year 1900 are made available in the manuscript reading room. Further information can be found in our "Leaflet for the use of handwritten materials and valuable prints".


Use of Bequest

The use of bequests is governed by the stipulations of the Archives Law of North Rhine-Westphalia (in German), unless even further limited under private law. Bequests that are not yet indexed or are not sufficiently pre-sorted are not released for use by Bonn University Library.


Application for Use

For the use of all handwritten materials as well as selected rare books and incunabla a prior written application directed to the head of department is required. For this, please fill in our Application for use of special collections.



The reproduction of old and special collections is carried out by the photographic department. It is not permitted to take photos of valuable originals or to make direct copies from these collections.

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