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Computer Workspaces

Bonn University Library provides numerous computer workspaces in the Main Library and in the MNL Branch Library. According to their function, there is a distinction made between "Service" and "Internet" computers. In both branches they are located in the entrance area on the ground floor. Furthermore, some computers for catalogue research can be found in the open stacks.


Service Computers

On the service computers you can conduct research in catalogues, databases and scholarly online sources. You can also create and edit your documents in the current standard formats on these computers using
For your research, you can save the results or documents on your USB flash drive or print them out on the central printing stations.


Internet Computers

On these computers you can access the Internet. For this, you need a user ID that is issued to students and members of Bonn University by its Data Processing Services (Hochschulrechenzentrum - HRZ). From these computers you can also print on the central printing stations or save material on your USB flash drive.


Using your laptop at Bonn University Library

WLAN is available in all reading rooms, information areas and group study areas in both branches, so that it is possible to work on your own laptop. For this, you need a user ID issued by Bonn University’s Data Processing Services (Hochschulrechenzentrum - HRZ).
Many desks are equipped with access to electricity and the Internet.