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Digital Resources

Licensed eJournals, eBooks and databases are available campus-wide with only a few exceptions.

In the Main Catalogue (Hauptkatalog) the licensed products are identified with the link "Link to the fulltext (limited to the Bonn University network or authorized users)", and with a yellow traffic light in the DigiBib Search Portal (in German) and on the eBook page.


Using Digital Resources at Bonn University Library

Access authorisation is granted all members of Bonn University (students and employees, including visiting scholars) and all library users with a valid library card. For contractual reasons, library users who are not members of Bonn University can only use licensed digital resources at the service computers in the library.
Students and employees of the university can also access the licensed content via WLAN on their laptops.


Using Digital Resources on Campus

Access to all digital resources of Bonn University Library is possible from all computers in the institutes with only a few exceptions.
Students and employees of the university can also access the licensed content via WLAN on their laptops.


Using Digital Resources at Home

Members of Bonn University can use the licensed digital resources from outside of the university.
A VPN client is required in order to do so. This additional software makes a secure connection possible between any computer with Internet access and the data network of the University. Dial-in happens via a personal account (university user ID and password) that is assigned to students at enrollment and can be obtained by employees at the University‘s Data Processing Services (Hochschulrechenzentrum – HRZ).
Visiting scholars sign an application for use that is handed to them at the Welcome Centre for International Scholars upon arrival together with the other documents.

An exception to this are the national licences. They can also be used by scientifically interested individuals outside of the campus. Individuals with permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany can have themselves registered (in German) for free access for this purpose. 

» Downloading VPN software
» Requesting an account


Technical Notes

To use CD-ROM databases, the installation of the WinFrame Client is required. The software is already installed on the service computers in the Main Library and MNL Branch Library. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Bonn University Library web site for installation on other computers.

» Installing WinFrame-Client (in German)


Legal Notes

Access to electronic resources in the university network that are liable to charges is made possible within licence agreements between Bonn University Library and hosts. Explicitly prohibited within all licences are:

  • Systematic downloads, e. g. all articles of one journal issue or substantial parts of a books. Downloads that exceed these limits will result in an automatic blocking.
  • Propagation or dissemination of downloaded documents.
  • Dissemination of login information.


» For more information about how to search digital resources read our german webpage "eMedien suchen".