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Using the discovery service - bonnus

With the exception of some sections of the ULB‘s old holdings, bonnus - discovery service of Bonn University lists all items that can be found at Bonn University Library and provides information regarding:

  • Shelf mark (= location number) of an item
  • Location, such as the Main Library, MNL Branch Library, a department library or institute library, Open stacks (Freihandmagazin), Textbook collection (Lehrbuchsammlung) or Reading room (Lesesaal)
  • Status, such as "available for request" (bestellbar), "on loan until ..." (entliehen bis ...), "for reference only" (Benutzung am Ort )
  • Return date and the possibility of having one‘s name put on a waiting list (to reserve an item that is currently on loan)

You must have a library card to borrow items and to utilize all of the funtions (e.g. reserving items) in bonnus - discovery service of Bonn University



Status: available for loan (ausleihbar)
You may take the desired book from the Open stacks or the Textbook collection and check it out at the Lending desk. Only students who are enrolled in Bonn University are permitted to check out books from the textbook collection. 

Status: available for request (bestellbar)
The item is located in the closed stacks and has to be ordered if you wish to check it out or use it in the Reading room.

  • In the case of newspapers, you must fill out an order slip because they cannot be ordered online.
  • Books that were published prior to 1801 may only be used in the Manuscript Reading Room and must be ordered. Books published between 1801 and 1900 may be used in the Reading room and must also be ordered.
    As a rule, books that have been ordered can be picked up the following day at the Lending desk in the Loan Department. Books that have been ordered will be held at the Lending desk for eight days (not counting Sundays).

The waiting period can be up to two days for bound periodicals and books from old holdings and can be several days for items that are stored at another location.

Status: for reference only (Benutzung am Ort)
Such items include bibliographies, catalogues, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and reference books which may only be used at the library.

Status: on loan until ... (entliehen bis ...)
If the book you are looking for has been checked out, you can have it reserved for you in bonnus. Once the book you have reserved is available again you will be sent a Notification.

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Borrowing period

Borrowing periods and renewals are calculated on the basis of the days on which the Lending Desk is open (Monday - Saturday). 

  • Books
    The regular borrowing period for books and other items is 24 days. You may renew the borrowing period twice when the item has not been reserved by another user.
  • Textbook Collection ("Lehrbuchsammlung")
    The borrowing period for items in the Textbook collection is also 24 days (not counting Sundays). Books in the textbook collection may not be reserved and borrowing periods for these books cannot be renewed.
  • Periodicals
    The borrowing period for Periodicals is 12 days (not counting Sundays). Renewals are not possible. Periodicals can only be used in the Reading Room and may not be taken home.

The end of the borrowing period is noted in your user account and on the check-out slip that you receive whenever you check out a book.


Renewing the borrowing period

You can renew the borrowing period either through bonnus - discovery service of Bonn University or in writing by letter, fax or email addressed to the Loan Department.
The library must receive written applications for renewal not later than one day before the borrowing period ends. In the event that an item you wish to renew a second time has been reserved by another user, the library will ask you to return it. In such cases, it must be returned within eight calendar days.
You may renew the borrowing period twice when the item has not been
reserved by another user.


User account

Using your password, you can view your user account in bonnus - discovery service of Bonn University and call up information about your check-out transactions. Your user account contains information on the books you have checked out, ordered, renewed and reserved, when books are due and whether you owe fines for overdue books, interlibrary loan fees or postage.


Book returns

When returning a book to Bonn University Library, please return it to the Lending Desk at the library where you checked it out.


When you cannot find the title you are looking for ...

please submit a call slip without a shelf mark to the Lending Desk or in the Reading Room. We will check whether the item you are looking for is available at Bonn University Library. You can pick up your call slip the following day at the Lending Desk.


Library Card

Period of validity

In order to check out books, you need a library card which you will receive upon Registration. Library cards are valid for one year.



To renew your library card, please present your identification card or a “Meldebescheinigung” (proof of address from the residents registration office at City Hall) and, when applicable, your student ID. You can use the My Account (“Mein Konto”) menu item in bonnus to see how long your library card is still valid.