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Books and journals in the stacks are not shelved according to subject but according to accession number. In order to borrow or look at an item, you must first find out its number (shelf mark) in the discovery service bonnus.
In contrast, the books in the reading room are shelved by subject. Here you will find reference books in the broadest sense that can only be used inside the library.

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Open Stacks

The biggest part of the lending collection is located in the open stacks, subdivided into two basement floors. On basement level -1 (1.UG), you can find the monographs that have been acquired in the last 30 years. With the help of the shelf mark that you can ascertain yourself in the discovery service bonnus, you will find the desired book on the shelf and can check it out immediately.
Basement level -2 (2. UG) contains the majority of the periodicals that can be freely accessed. The periodical holdings on this floor can be copied right there or checked out to be used in the reading room. They may not be checked out to be used outside of the library.
Items from the Lending collection not accessible in the open stacks have to be ordered via the discovery service bonnus.

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Main Library

Journals for the current year are located in display cases in the Reading Room. Some journals are not put out for unrestricted use. The current issues of these journals are available at the Reading room desk - Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm.
A large share of the Main Library‘s bound journals are located in the periodical stacks and can be used and copied there or checked out for use in the Reading Room. Other journals are kept in the closed stacks. These journals  can be ordered for use in the Reading Room.

MNL Branch Library

All journals  published in 1980 or later can be used in the Reading room on the 1st floor (1. OG) and in the open stacks on basement level -1 (1. UG). Journals can be used and copied in the room where they are kept.
All journals published prior to 1908 are located in the closed stacks and can be ordered for use in the Reading Room.

Electronic Journals

Electronic journals at Bonn University Library can be accessed through the Bonn University network. To access them on your own PC you need a user ID from the university and VPN Client software ( » Password).