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The ULB for Newcomers

Welcome to Bonn University Library!

Bonn University Library (ULB) is the central lending and depository library of Bonn University. It has two locations – the Main Library (Hauptbibliothek) on Adenauerallee and the Branch Library for Medicine, Science and Agricultural Sciences (MNL) (Abteilungsbibliothek MNL) on Nußallee.
The ULB also organises campus-wide access to its digital information resources.

The department libraries differ in size and focus. Here users have direct access to literature organised by field. These libraries do not however lend books as a rule.



Registration/Library card

Students, faculty and other employees of the Bonn University, residents of Bonn and its surroundings and members of other universities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia may use the Bonn University Library.
You can obtain a library card with user number from the Loan Department at the Main Library or the MNL Branch Library.

Students must submit their identity card or their passport together with proof of address ("Meldebescheinigung" from the residents' registration office at City Hall). University employees must submit proof of their employment from Bonn University.



  1. Password for bonnus - search portal
    In addition to a password (which you yourself choose), you also need your user number whenever you want to order, renew or reserve a book, request a book through the interlibrary loan service or check your account.
  2. User ID issued by Bonn University's Data Processing Services
    You can access our digital resources and the eCampus learning platform from any PC with Internet access.
    All you need is a user ID issued by Bonn University's Data Processing Services (in German) and VPN Client (in German) software.

Please note!
External users may use the ULB's licensed digital resources only from the workstations set up at the University's libraries.


Search for and locate items

The search portal bonnus is always the place to start when looking for a book, periodical or article. With the exception of some groups of old holdings, bonnus lists all items that can be found at the ULB and provides information regarding:

  1. Call number (= location number) of an item
  2. Location, such as the Hauptbibliothek (Main Library), Abt. Nußallee (Branch Library) or a department library, Freihandmagazin (open stacks), Lehrbuchsammlung (textbook collection) or Lesesaal (reading room)
  3. Status, such as bestellbar (can be ordered), entliehen (currently checked out) or nicht ausleihbar (may not be checked out)
  4. Return date and the possibility of having one's name put on a waiting list (to reserve an item that is currently on loan)

You can take items that are located in the open stacks from the shelves and check them out at the lending desk. If you want an item that is not located in the open stacks but has a "can be ordered" status, you can generally pick it up from the loan department two days after you order it.

Furtheron bonnus lists a large number of bibliographic data that have to be order by interlibrary loan service.




You will find several copies of current textbooks, workbooks and case studies for all departments in the textbook collections. These books are arranged by subject and may be checked out at any time. Only registered students of Bonn University may check these textbooks out. However the stacks have a copy of most of these textbooks and any user may check these copies out.

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Items that are not available at the ULB

If you want a book or periodical article that is not available in Bonn, we can get it for you from another library through the interlibrary loan system.


Digital resources

You can find the following electronic resources at our Digital Library (Digitale Bibliothek - DigiBib):

  • Databases
  • eJournals
  • eBooks
  • Electronic doctoral and postdoctoral theses


Information and guidance services

  1. General information
    Staff members at the information department provide information regarding all aspects of the ULB and its use, in person or by email.
  2. Subject-field guidance
    Our subject librarians can advise you on more specialised matters.


Guided library tours and tutorials

  1. General library tours
    At the start of every semester, the ULB offers orientation activities on how to use the University Library and its services. These activities include guided library tours and in-depth tutorials on the use of the ULB's catalogues and electronic resources.
  2. Specialised tours
    Our subject librarians conduct specialised library tours and tutorials for specific subject fields in connection with individual degree programmes. Participants are expected to know the information taught in the ULB's general library tours.
  3. eTutorial
    Our eTutorial provides detailed information on how to search for, procure and use literature successfully (in German).

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Further information for newcomers

  1. Brochure quick & easy
  2. A list of our subject-field resources and services is available under the menu heading Access by Subject.