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The bulk of our holdings is located in stacks where they are organised according to accession year rather than on the basis of their content. For this reason, in order to locate an item you must use first bonnus - search portal.

» bonnus - discovery service of Bonn university

Search for books, journals, articles and much more - search for printed or electronic fulltext in Bonn or other libraries in bonnus - discovery service of Bonn University


HANS (Catalogue of Manuscripts, Autographs, Bequests and Special Collections)

The HANS (in German) catalogue lists the holdings as well as all new acquisitions and previous bequests of the manuscript department that are only partly indexed or not indexed at all.


Alter Katalog (Old Catalogue)

The Alter Katalog (in German) consists of digitised images of the alphabetical card catalogue of ULB holdings that predate 1945. The Alter Katalog can be used to search those parts of the ULB‘s old holdings that are not yet listed in bonnus - discovery service. Using information from the Alter Katalog, you can order the desired books.


DigiBib (Digital Library)

DigiBib is a portal that provides all databases, eJournals and eBooks of Bonn University Library under one interface, as well as the opportunity to search different library catalogues and databases at the same time.