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Bonn University Library

Bonn University Library is one of Bonn University‘s main institutions. It supplies scholars, researchers and students with the books, publications and information needed for university studies, teaching, research and continuing education.
Additionally, it lends scientific and scholarly publications to residents of Bonn and the surrounding area. 

Bonn University Library – comprised of the Main Library (Hauptbibliothek) and the Branch Library for Medicine, Science and Agriculture (Abteilungsbibliothek Medizin, Naturwissenschaft und Landbauwissenschaften) - serves as the university‘s central lending library.

Apart from its primary mission - supplying the university with literature - Bonn University Library also serves as state library, collecting the inter-regional literature for certain subjects and is in charge of several collections.


State Library

In its capacity as state library, Bonn University Library collects and catalogues publications from publishing houses in the Cologne Administrative District.

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Special Subject Field Romance Studies

Within the special subject fields programme sustained by the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft - DFG, Bonn University Library is in charge of the special subject field Romance studies.

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Priority Collection Area Agricultural Sciences

As a further inter-regional priority collection area, Bonn University Library is in charge of Agricultural sciences.

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Bonn University Library possesses substantial old holdings and varied special collections of regional, cultural and scientific significance.

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Library system at Bonn University

In addition to Bonn University Library, the library system at Bonn University includes a number of libraries (in German) of varying size and focus at different university institutes and departments. Most of these are reference libraries with collections that are for reference only and not available for borrowing.